Study and Career Tips – 5 Ways to Improve your Study

We all know someone who is outstandingly brilliant at learning, and you’re probably scratching your head wondering what makes them so successful? Many students lose motivation when someone else is thriving, and you might feel as though you’re lagging behind.

This is not uncommon. But if you’re thinking someone else’s learning ability is simply due to good genetics, think again! It’s more likely that they have implemented better study strategies and learning habits than you have.

Follow these five learning tips and you’ll be on the road to a better learning experience.

1. Create a Study Plan. The best students never fail to properly plan. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of work you have on your plate, a clear and balanced study plan will boost your motivation when you can tick off a task as complete and will reduce your stress levels by focusing on one task at a time.

2. Take Study Breaks. Many students think they can cram a lot of information into their heads by sitting down and learning for a few hours straight. However, your ability to learn actually decreases, the more time you spend staring at your books or computer. Incorporate regular breaks and use that break time wisely by taking a walk to boost your brain activity.

3. Get Enough Sleep.  Exhaustion is your enemy! When you properly rest, your brain strengthens the knowledge you have learned during the day by assimilating information — so the better you sleep, the better you learn.

4. Ask Questions. Instead of passively sitting in class absorbing what’s going on, have you noticed what the top performing students are doing? They are engaging by asking questions and striking up a conversation with the teacher and getting involved.

5. Apply Learning to Real Life. Top students recognise that acquiring skills is critical for the challenges faced in life. Learning is not about studying for a test and getting good grades, it’s about understanding knowledge and what you can do with that knowledge. During the deeper learning process, students take ownership of their learning by applying core academic skills to real-life situations.

Those students you admire are passionate about what they are learning. They have the drive to develop their learning based on their love of what they are discovering. Follow what interests you and your motivation to learn will thrive.