3 Tips to Balance Work and Study


Striking a balance between the commitments of your study and employment can be daunting and overwhelming.

While there are a great deal of benefits to managing both, a lifestyle involving work and study takes a bit of planning and organisation. We’ve compiled a few tips for you to better balance these undertakings.

1. Optimise your time

Improving your time management skills will allow you to complete tasks while leaving room for others. Commutes to your places of work and education, as well as lunch breaks, can be opportune times to watch lectures, research for assignments or read over notes.

2. Use a calendar for organisation

You need to be organised in both your work and your study if you are to balance the two lifestyles. Compiling your professional, academic and personal commitments, dates and deadlines into one calendar will help you stay on top of everything and prevent you from double booking.

3. Communicate with your network

Talk with your employer, educators, friends and family about your tight schedule to ensure they know when you are available. Your place of employment may even have some support options available, such as employer-funded training, study leave and flextime. By explaining to your employer how your study goals could enhance your current role, you may find they are more accommodating than you realise.

If you are looking for advice on managing work and study commitments, book a one-on-one appointment with one of our ACBC Careers Advisors.