ACBC Monthly Newsletter – July 2021

7 July 2021

Mark Twain said, “Prediction is difficult – particularly when it involves the future”. The ever-changing circumstances we work and learn in can make it difficult to predict and plan.

I’ve heard people refer to this as the ‘new normal’. I prefer to describe it as ‘no normal’. I feel we need to work in the ‘now’ and adopt skills for the current environment. Students studying VET programs are being challenged to spend more of their time learning online. Our teachers are also challenged to deliver more programs remotely. While our VET programs are still focused on work-based training, we need to accept that the workplace is moving to an online remote environment.

ACBC has already accepted the challenge to help our students learn to manage their work selves, and gain an understanding of what their preferred industry expects of them – whether this is through online or traditional working environments.

We are now in our midyear break. Despite the two-week lockdown in Sydney our administration staff are on campus following the necessary COVID-safe guidelines. We look forward to seeing our students return for Term 3.

We also encourage School Careers Advisors to contact us to explore study and career options for their students.

In these times of ‘no normal’ ACBC is well prepared to accept the challenge of providing our students with a real work experience and supported vocational training. It’s an exciting time as opportunities emerge to explore even more innovative teaching approaches. The current environment is prompting our industry to look at more digital options, such as virtual reality environments and workplace simulators.

ACBC is preparing to embrace these opportunities.

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