ACBC Trainer Spotlight: Ariba Abasi

Course: Trainer and Assessor Business Administration.

About Ariba:

Managing and training has been a focal point of Ariba’s work life for over 11 years. She has a diverse range of professional experiences in which she has trained, coached and mentored students from a variety of backgrounds and across a broad spectrum of ages. 

Ariba holds a Master of Commerce and Master of Professional Accounting and is currently pursuing her research in ‘Accounting for poverty’ at University of Wollongong where she also lectures.

She has experience in the corporate setting with a keen interest in educating. After many years working in a variety of environments (Management, Sales, University and Vocational teaching), she aims to use her skills and experience to make a tangible difference. With a dynamic and engaging training style, Ariba is an advocate of ‘career-focused’ education. 

Ariba’s advice to students: “Try your best and utilise your time effectively.”

Ariba looks forward to teaching her ACBC online students this year.