Student Support

According to our students and graduates, Australian Careers Business College is one of the most supportive education environments they have experienced. Our goal is to provide you with a learning experience that is second to none — one that enables you to gain prime advantage and fulfilment from your ACBC studies. This is why we have a full complement of student services to support your learning, career development and wellbeing.

Specialist learning support is pertinent before you even begin studies. At ACBC we strive to ensure that every new student commences study from the strongest possible foundation. All ACBC applicants (unless completing a short course):

  • An interview with one of our qualified Careers Advisors
  • Complete a digital Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) assessment

Our interview and enrolment application process is designed to identify any  additional support you may require to help complete your studies. Subsequent support solutions are provided to individual applicants. In this way we give each student the strongest possible start to their learning journey at ACBC.

As part of applying for a position in our programs, applicants are required to attend an interview with our Careers Advisors and complete a short digital exercise. This exercise is designed to make an assessment of applicants’ Language Literacy and Numeracy abilities (LLN).

The exercise contains some short questions, maths tasks (calculators permitted) and some reading comprehension. The LLN assessment is evaluated by one of our experienced staff. If it is identified through the LLN assessment that an applicant may require additional guidance, learning or support with written English, maths or comprehension, our Careers Advisors will discuss the matter with the applicant. In some cases, applicants are referred to external sources for extra learning and sometimes they are invited to participate in workshops on-campus to further review or upgrade their skills in this area prior to commencing a course of study.

At ACBC we customise support solutions to match your individual personal and learning needs. Our key support services include:

  • Dedicated campus support teams – receive impartial and confidential guidance and direction on a range of issues, including study skills, finance and more.
  • Professional trainers – get extra one-on-one study support from academic members of staff.
  • Careers Advisors – one-on-one appointments to help you research and plan your future career, achieve healthy study-work-life balance and implement effective study habits. Our experienced Careers Advisors can guide students in study skills and planning and balancing study with other life commitments and lifestyle.
  • Study groups – There is an additional option to arrange small group or private after-class trainer instruction involving assessment review or study queries. We also recommend the Study Skills Handbook, which helps students develop effective study skills.
  • Student website – our secure student webpage delivers timely communication with your teachers and classmates via an open forum.
  • Community affiliate support – we have vast networks of external local services to help you handle any study or personal issues. Your Campus Manager or Careers Advisor can connect you with services that meet your needs.
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support – structured tutoring by experienced qualified specialists can assist to enhance your reading and writing skills for study.
  • ESL – Students who first language is not English can access structured tutorial support from experienced and qualified specialists in English as a Second Language (ESL).

ACBC has a range of learning supports to assist all students regardless of ability of background. Ask our Careers Advisors for more information.

If you are feeling like your study or personal life are more than you can handle, talk to your Campus Manager or Careers Advisors for information on where you can go for help.

You may also find it helpful to get in contact with