Work Placement Program

Practical industry-ready skills are the defining factor for getting into your chosen career. In-class training is important in laying theoretical foundations for entering industry. Yet there is no substitute for hands-on workplace experience for developing optimum employability. At Australian Careers Business College we pride ourselves on preparing students for the workplace. That is why we offer a practical, real-life Work Placement program to complement in-class training.

Modern workplaces have a life of their own. Our Work Placement initiative has been developed in partnership with industry professionals to reflect their workforce needs. For students involved in Work Placement, this is a formative opportunity to immerse themselves in workplaces of today.  Those who do participate gain:

  • Valuable industry networking opportunities with current professionals in their chosen field
  • Strong employment potential by working directly with prospective employers
  • A true understanding of a particular roles, thereby facilitating informed career decision-making
  • Applied implementation-ready skills that are highly desirable to employers and secure optimum career advantage.

A commitment of one day per week for up to 20 weeks is all local full-time students need to invest. We have a broad network of host employers who welcome our students into their organisations for work placement. ACBC has established a strong track record of work placements leading to full- and part-time employment for participating students.

The ACBC Work Placement program is a rare opportunity to gain genuine business experience. Put yourself ahead of your peers and integrate Work Placement into your study program.