ACBC Graduation Newsletter – December 2018

21 December 2018

Message from the CEO

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 who were recognised at the ACBC Graduation Ceremony on 19 December.

It’s hard to match the feeling of pride I experience each year when I watch our students reach an important milestone on their career paths. It has been inspiring to watch our students grow so much in the past year as they built solid academic and career foundations. We have been pleased to see so many of our students making major progress towards their career goals.

We are grateful to everyone who made it possible for our students to achieve so much during their year at ACBC. Thank you to the parents and families of our students, our trainers, Careers Advisors and Student Services team, and our Work Placement hosts and community supporters.

Although it’s sad to see a wonderful group of young people leave us, we know it’s time for them to advance on their journeys. We look forward to welcoming a new group of eager students in 2019.

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