Student Entry Procedure


Student entry procedure

As a condition of being an approved VET Student Loans provider, ACBC must detail the Student Entry Procedure for course applicants seeking to access a VET Student Loan. The Student Entry Procedure includes compliance requirements set by the Australian Government for access to the VET Student Loans scheme. All students seeking to access a VET Student Loan for study at ACBC are required to:

  1. Participate in an interview with a Careers Advisor;
  2. Demonstrate to ACBC that they are academically suited to their course of choice;
  3. Complete an an Enrolment process
  4. Complete an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) online application for a VET Student Loan (no sooner than two business days after enrolment):
  1. Participate in an interview with a Careers Advisor

When making an enquiry to ACBC, applicants are required to participate in an interview with a professional Careers Advisor at the ACBC campus or online if the applicant is applying for online study. During this interview, the Careers Advisor will discuss their interests, career goals, academic achievements and work experiences. The aim of this interview is to provide applicants with a broad range of information to assist them to select a course, and to explain details of courses and career and further study pathways.

After the interview the Careers Advisor will forward an email to students with links to:

  • ACBC Website
  • VET Student Loan Information Booklet
  • ACBC Student Handbook
  • Schedule of Vet Tuition Fees and Course Census Dates
  • ACBC Student Entry Procedure.
  1. Demonstrate to ACBC that applicants are academically suited to their course of choice

During the interview, applicants will be asked to provide details of their academic achievements to ensure that they are academically suited to a course. VET Student Loan requirements define that an applicant is academically suited to a course when:

  • The RTO reasonably believes the student is academically suited
  • the applicant satisfies any entry requirements for the course set by the RTO
  • the applicant must also satisfy one of the following requirements:
  1. provide a copy of a Senior Secondary Certificate of Education that has been awarded to the student by an agency or authority of a State or Territory for the student’s completion of year 12, (Certificate of Completion of Year 12 from school);
  2. or a copy of a certificate awarded for completion of a qualification at level 4 or above in the Australian Qualification Framework;
  3. or the applicant completes an approved test to determine their abilities in reading and Numeracy;

The approved test is an online activity called Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA).  This test has been selected by the Government to assess whether applicants for VET Student Loans display competence at or above Exit Level 3 in the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) in both reading and numeracy. The test process will be conducted with honesty and integrity. It is important that applicants are tested to determine that they can manage the level of study selected.

All RTOs are required to conduct this testing as part of their conditions of offering VET Student Loans.

What this means:

If students have completed year 12 or a level 4 qualification and above – they are required to show their Certificate of Completion to the Careers Advisor. They will still be required to complete an ACBC ‘Language Literacy and Numeracy test’ (LLN) prior to final enrolment to determine if they require any extra support during your study. This test takes up to 40 minutes to complete. The results are confidential.

If students have NOT completed year 12 or a level 4 qualification and above – they are required to complete the online CSPA test prescribed by VET Student Loans prior to final enrolment. This is an online test in two stages that takes up to an hour.

Applicants will be provided with a calculator and a quiet space and computer to complete this test. Mobile phones may not be present during this test. When they have completed the test, the Careers Advisor will log into the CSPA system and retrieve the result, and the results of the testing will be verbally reported to the student immediately and a copy of the test results will be provided. The results are confidential.

Interpreting the results of the CSPA test:

The CSPA will provide one of two results, competent or not yet competent.

3. Complete an Enrolment process

After determining academic suitability, the Careers Advisor will arrange an Enrolment process. At Enrolment, applicants will complete a Course Acceptance and Enrolment Agreement.  If applicants are under the age of 18, a parent/guardian must sign the form. ACBC will advise successful applicants of an Orientation day prior to the commencement of the course.

4. Complete an electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) online application for a VET Student Loan

The eCAF (Online Application) should be completed no sooner than two full business days AFTER the enrolment procedure has been finalised.

Where students are required to pay a ‘gap’ fee between the ACBC Tuition fee and the available VET Student Loan, the Careers Advisor will record how this gap will be funded.

Citizenship and residency requirements:

To be eligible for a Vet Student Loan applicants must be:

  •  an Australian citizen or
  • a qualifying New Zealand citizen or
  • a permanent humanitarian visa

Other Important Requirements:

Applicants must provide ACBC with their Unique Student identifier (USI) and Tax file Number) (TFN) to be eligible for a VET Student Loan (see ACBC Student Handbook.)