ACBC Monthly Newsletter – June 2019

2 June 2019

Message from the CEO

No matter what industry or career you choose, there is one skill that is crucial to your success: building great working relationships.

Forging strong relationships really gives you career edge. For starters, you’ll be more productive, creative and happy at work because you enjoy the company of those you’re working with. That counts for a lot. In addition, you’ll earn trust and have others watching out for you. This adds up to others being more receptive to your suggestions, supportive of your input and keen to communicate positively with you. Plus you’ll earn the confidence of your boss, which will put you in a much stronger position when new opportunities and promotions come up.

Now, of course, you’re not always going to like everyone you work with, so concentrate instead on respecting everyone. Diversity is a part of every workplace. Among your workmates will be different opinions, ideas, priorities and approaches. Differences don’t have to be the undoing of your strong working relationships though. When you take the time to consider what others have to say and show everyone equal respect, you’ll find your relationship foundations will bridge almost any gap between you and your colleagues.

Right now you have the perfect opportunity to refine your relationship building skills. Use your time at ACBC as a training ground for building great working relationships with your tutors, classmates, career advisors and others. So this will be second nature to you when you begin your career.

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