ACBC Monthly Newsletter – October 2020

8 November 2020

Vocational education and training is a critical part in ramping up the economy and we are excited to play a role in this. In addition to developing the skills that young people need to enter the workforce and be most productive, current workers need to upskill and reskill to assist their organisations in growing and adapting to a new environment.

Our COVID-Safe training is one exciting example of adapting to the changing conditions. October has been an amazing month for us helping a wide range of businesses ramp up COVID-19 prevention. The Australian Government released the fee-free training for eligible persons with the support of the NSW Department of Education and Training. This provides access for employers, their employees and other individuals to the latest guidelines and skills in relation to the prevention and control of bacteria and other infectious diseases and safe work environments. So far, we have been pleased to train almost 300 participants from a wide range of organisations. We have approximately 300 places available in November and December, so please contact our Careers Advisors on how to enrol.

As part of the new budget, the Commonwealth Government announced $1 billion to create 340,000 fee-free or low-cost training for school leavers and participants in the JobTrainer program to achieve certificate and diploma qualifications. ACBC will be part of the JobTrainer program commencing in mid-November. The JobTrainer package has two parts. The first part, worth A$1.5 billion, is aimed at keeping people already in apprenticeships and traineeships employed. The second part is aimed at school leavers and those looking for work. It provides A$500 million for vocational education and training courses. The NSW Government has committed almost $160 million to match the Federal Government’s funding, as part of the State’s COVID-19 Recovery Plan. Watch this space for some exciting announcements.

Another development for us is offering the CHC52015 Diploma of Community Services beginning in 2021. Community services enable people to positively shape society. Communities across Australia are increasingly growing and becoming more diverse. So the need for effective community services has never been stronger. At the same time, Australia has a skills shortage in this field, so skilled community services professionals are highly sought after.

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