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A Career Advisor will explain the various courses we offer to applicants including details of course duration, qualification outcome and other requirements. As part of this process, applicants are invited to inspect the College facilities and participate in an interview. Applicants are requested to bring a copy of prior school/tertiary education or work history documents to the interview.

Our courses are designed so that people of all levels of ability are able to benefit from vocational skills training.

ACBC courses are designed to assist students to enter the workforce as soon as possible after graduation and prepare them to be a productive employee from day one in their chosen career.

Applicants are selected providing they meet the necessary qualifications and course requirements. These are found on the individual course outlines, that can be downloaded here.

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BSB50415 Diploma of Business AdministrationCHC50113 Diploma of Early Childhood Education and CareCHC51015 Diploma of CounsellingBSB51918 Diploma of Leadership and ManagementBSB52215 Diploma of Legal ServicesBSB52415 Diploma of Marketing and CommunicationICT60215 Advanced Diploma of Network SecuritySIS50612 Diploma of Sport DevelopementSIT50116 Diploma of Travel & Tourism Management



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