Interview Advice

You have your brand new qualification and are ready to embark on an exciting new career! Our Career Advisors can help you to prepare for this next exciting step, and we have put together some core advice to assist you.

Step 1 – Do Your Research

Researching the company and the industry in which it operate shows initiative, enthusiasm and a keen interest in the role.

The fastest way to conduct research on a company is online. Start off with the company’s website and then try expanding your search using a search engine. Try to answer the following.

What are the company’s core products and services?
How is the company perceived in the market place?
Find out what you can about the company’s financial situation.
Research the company’s competitors and the industry as a whole.
Try to think like a customer of the company and identify potential improvements.
Step 2 – Preparation

You should ensure you prepare thoroughly so that you are able to talk comfortably about yourself, your experience and how it relates to the role.

Be familiar with your CV and be prepared to answer questions from it. Similarly, ensure you have read any job description thoroughly and think of ways in which your experience will benefit your potential employer.
Prepare yourself in advance for common interview questions. Refer to our interview questions section for some practical examples.
Conduct practice interviews with friends and family until you can comfortably answer each question without hesitation.
Prepare questions to ask the employer. Refer to our Interview questions section for some practical examples.
Find out where the interview will be, obtain clear directions, and confirm the time.
There are some fantastic online tools to help you create a professional resume for free.
Step 3 – The Interview

Make sure your mobile phone is switched off.
Relax and have confidence in your research and preparation.
Greet your interviewer standing, with a firm handshake and a smile! Good body language is vital.
Wait to sit until the interviewer does or until they offer you your chair.
Sit up straight with both feet on the floor.
Speak clearly and confidently.
Try and maintain a comfortable level of eye contact throughout.
Don’t rush to fill in. Silence, think before you speak.
Avoid one word answers.
Show enthusiasm for the role.
Use practical examples to illustrate your skills and show how they suit the role and the company.
Speak with clarity and confidence. Close the interview with a handshake and a genuine thank you.
Make a positive last impression.
Click here for insight on interview types and common interview questions and how to prepare for them.

Step 4 – After the Interview

Write down a short summary of the interview while it is still fresh in your mind. Note the areas in which you feel you went well, as well as any questions you found difficult to answer.