ACBC Monthly Newsletter – August 2020

9 August 2020

Recent events have taught us about the importance of being flexible in the winds of change. Although the pandemic has required social distancing, education institutions have been able to move to online learning. Likewise, many retail businesses have increased their online activities to maintain and even grow revenue during lockdowns. In fact, year-on-year e-commerce growth reached 120% in May 2020.

At ACBC, we have always focused on developing skilled and resilient professionals who are equipped to adapt to change through their education and training. In our one-year Diploma courses, our students are required to stretch themselves in many ways. This prepares them for the massive changes they will experience throughout their careers.

Despite the declines in a range of sectors, there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future. According to recent research conducted in June by the Skills Commission, the proportion of businesses expecting to increase their staffing levels in the coming months was 21%, the highest since mid-February. Some of these businesses plan on reinstating staff who had been temporarily stood down or replacing staff who had been let go from the business due to the pandemic.

We are looking forward to welcome students back to campus in a staggered approach from 10 August. Our Legal Services, Early Childhood Education and Care, and Travel and Tourism students will be back on campus one day per week. The remainder of classes will continue online via Zoom until further notice.

During the inevitable ups and downs in the economy, education and training will always be an asset that pays dividends. So as the economy begins to recover, now is the perfect time to get the education and training that will make it possible to navigate the future world of work.

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