ACBC Monthly Newsletter – July 2020

12 July 2020

Message from the CEO

Although hard work and persistence are the foundation of a successful career, we can overlook the importance that rest and relaxation play in our productivity and overall success. Many businesses now realise the importance of this and emphasise a balanced approach to work. Constantly multitasking, eating lunch at your desk and running between meetings can be counterproductive. According to the Harvard Business Review, taking short breaks after working for 90-minute periods and taking a real lunch break is more productive than working straight through without a break. This is because the body and mind need time to rejuvenate throughout the day.

There’s also a growing body of research that highlights the importance of getting the right amount of sleep. A lack of sleep can contribute to poor work performance, anxiety and depression, obesity and lower academic results. In fact, numerous studies have shown a strong connection between a lack of sleep and poor academic performance.

Holiday breaks are an excellent time to rejuvenate ourselves. Stepping away for a few days or weeks gives the mind and body time to relax and enables us to return to our work and studies with renewed energy and enthusiasm.

As we have reached the end of the term and the halfway point for many of our students, remember the importance of taking time out to achieve balance and maximise long-term productivity. The upcoming break is good opportunity for our students to rest, relax and reflect on their achievements so far this year.

Although the challenges of 2020 have called for innovative approaches to learning, we are confident that the knowledge and skills developed this year will match the achievements of previous classes and act as a solid foundation for launching careers and pursuing further education.

While the COVID-19 situation seems to change every day, we know that education and training are a vital key for rebuilding the economy. For people looking to launch or change careers, now is the perfect time to gain new knowledge and skills. Our online courses offer the opportunity to do this in a way that fits their busy schedules.

We are very excited that our team has started conducting career guidance sessions via Zoom. These sessions are an interactive way to reach high school students and also meet social distancing guidelines. The Zoom sessions can be for large groups or individual students at a time that’s suitable. The sessions cover the courses offered at ACBC and cover other education and training options and the resulting job opportunities. We give students the opportunity to ask questions, assisting them to make choices for 2021 and beyond. When possible, under current guidelines, we are happy to visit schools for live sessions.

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