ACBC Monthly Newsletter – December 2019

1 December 2019

Message from the CEO

The word ‘disruption’ is now used often to describe the turbulent environment that businesses operate in. A few years ago, business disruption was the rare exception, but it’s now a reality that companies face on a regular basis. The same is true of careers as globalisation and technology have increased the potential for rapid change.

Fortunately, there are things we can do to stay ahead of disruption. One way is to stay ahead of the curve. This means keeping up to date about what is going on in your industry and taking the steps to gain new skills and knowledge. For example, if new technology is being introduced into your field, taking the initiative to master it will put you ahead of the curve. This might include getting new certifications or qualifications.

Another way to stay ahead of disruption is to be resilient. If you lose a job due to disruption in your industry, don’t panic. Often a disruption is an opportunity to look for new opportunities in your current field or a related one where you can transfer your existing skills and knowledge. Resilience is connected to another crucial part of staying ahead of disruption – and that is to turn negatives into positives.

In careers as well as life, we have to be able to get back into the ring when we are disrupted. This requires looking for the positive and every challenging situation and learning from it.

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