Student Profile: Sanya Arora

Name: Sanya Arora

Course: BSB60515 Diploma in Marketing and Communications

Campus: Liverpool/Online

Year of study: 2021-2022

Employer: Telstra Penrith

Role: Retail and Marketing Consultant

University: University of Technology Sydney, UTS 

Qualification: Bachelor of Business (Currently enrolled) Full-Time

Favourite thing about studying at ACBC: 

My favourite thing about studying at ACBC would have to be the experience of studying online and handling work-life balance with school work and juggling assessments.

I think the best part was that I was able to apply for credit at UTS for the second year and I will just be doing two years of uni (1st year and third year), rather than the normal 3 years full-time. ACBC has offered me a great deal of support and mentoring provisions with our mentors throughout the two years with the college. I cannot be more thankful for the opportunity they provided me. I’m progressing well in life to maintain my career goals and I’m glad to be the alumni of ACBC

Advice to ACBC students: One piece of advice I would give is to make sure you are confident in what you want to do and be as prepared as you can make yourself, take incisive and participate in even little things such as projects and work placement. They go a long way and provide you with many benefits in the workplace, as well as Uni experiences for those who would like to study further. The opportunity to do a diploma during high school years will give you the advantage of a lifetime with great things heading your way.